Why “Default to Nature”?

Default to Nature is meant to describe the state of returning to a natural state of being and living in tune with the environment.

Default, when talking about computers, means the settings that exist before humans interfere and customize and change things For themselves. The initial state of being. The meaning of nature is twofold:

  1. Nature is who you really are – your essence. What you are without any outside influences changing you.
  2. Nature is the natural world in its original state. Vegetation, soil, and water, unsullied by human interference.

Look at pictures of Fukushima, Gougi Island, and other abandoned places.  In each one, the buildings are decaying and nature is moving back in, whether it be the prairie dirt, desert sands, or trees and bushes.  Left alone to its own devices for just a few years, nature will reassert itself over anything that humans have done to change the surface of the Earth. It is the Earth’s default state.

Similarly, when we default to nature, we are returning our bodies to a state of less chemical contamination. Allowing our bodies to heal from the damage that has occurred by using all of the cleaning and body care products that society considers normal nowadays because individually they’re not *too* harmful. When we mentally allow ourselves to default to nature, we are remembering the parts of ourselves that we have lost as life interfered. We are returning to what makes us happy. This is Default to Nature.

About Me

A couple of years ago, I quit my job in the oil and gas industry. Between mind-numbing, repetitive tasks, the stifling of all creativity, my continuing unexplained illness, disgust with the corporate world, and the cognitive dissonance that a great year for my work meant a bad year for the Earth, it had been feeling less and less like the right fit for me. In doing so, I walked away from a technical career I had trained for five years to have.

I took some time after that finding myself. I found even more creativity within myself, that I had lost sometime between 2nd and 9th grade. I found my love of nature, which I had ignored in the quest for the next best thing and just getting by in life. I found peace in returning to who I wanted and was meant to be. I started to find out what was ailing me: Allergies to chemicals in consumer products to which I was exposed every moment of every day. I learned that I couldn’t go back to the life I’d had.

Today, I home educate my daughter and work on using my training in better ways. I learn all I can about allergies. I review the composition of commercial products and the work others have done in finding alternatives, and work on creating my own solutions. I search out ways of living that cause less irritation and less harm to the environment. This blog is my attempt to share what I’ve learned with you. I want all of you to have the opportunity to live healthier, happier lives, and the more people I can reach, the healthier the environment will be, too.