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Photo by Kaboompics.com

Photo by Kaboompics.com

After a long struggle with numerous, unrelated health issues, I seem to have finally started to figure out an answer – allergy to multiple chemicals used in common toiletry and cleaning products. My reactive threshold is pretty low, and it sucks, but I know there are people who are even worse off. The first thing anyone in this position does is start searching for ways to remove the chemicals from their lives. I’m lucky to have a technical, chemistry-related degree, including some knowledge of paper and chemical processing and chemical safety, which gave me a great baseline from which to start my research. Even then, I found a frustrating lack of resources online for some of the chemicals to which I am sensitive, including isothiazolinones.

Chemical sensitivities are affecting more and more of the population as our living environments become increasingly filled with each new miracle chemical to hit the market. There’s also a lack of understanding of just how these chemicals can affect sensitive people, including at my own allergist’s office, where the receptionist wears heavy perfume in the “scent-free” environment. I want to increase awareness of these chemicals and their effects and offer people resources in dealing with all of the allergic, sensitivity, and intolerance issues I’m currently facing in my life, including chemicals, dairy, and eggs.

I done a lot of research and experimentation into natural body care products and homemade personal care products over the last few years, starting before I was ever officially diagnosed. My suspicions and diagnosis just bumped everything up ten levels. I’m being forced to look back to the products and remedies people might have used before big companies stepped in for mass production. Things made with simpler materials, more earth-friendly and life friendly. In short, I’m defaulting to how things were *before.* I’m also being pushed back to my earth-loving, environment-saving childhood dreams, which isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve found some awesome recipes since learning about my food allergies and intolerances, and I’ll share some of my favourites here. In the future, I may also look into what people did to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in history. Although my primary goal isn’t to save money – it’s to help my family and I live long, happy, healthy lives – I’m not complaining if making my own products helps me (and you) to keep a bit of extra cash in your pocket. Hey, if you can make yourself healthier and more comfortable, help the environment, and maybe even save some money, that’s three wins in my books. Sharing is just an extra win for the environment.

Join me here on Monday and Friday each week for tips, recipes, stories, research, and reviews to help you and your family navigate this world with allergies and live a healthier, happier, environmentally-friendly, allergen-free life, too.

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