Plane Nerves

Today I take my first plane trip since finding out about my chemical allergies. That’s 6 hours of sitting in close proximity to a LOT of people, all their associated detergents, body sprays, perfumes, fabric softeners, hairspray… Understandably, I’m a little nervous.

The trip would be unmanageable without flying, as I’m traveling from Ontario, Canada, to California, USA. Driving would have taken days on my own, both ways. Once I get there, I’ll be camping, so the great outdoors should hopefully make recovery a little easier, but then I repeat the whole thing coming home.



I’m going to take the same precautions I always take when going out to large gatherings (I’ll share that one in two weeks, when I return), with the exception that I can’t take a shower for a while after I get there. I’ll have distilled water for washing, and all of my bedding and clothes will be as clean for me as they can be. My friend on the other end was kind enough to wash a sleeping bag 6 times in hot water and vinegar, and provide me with a tent and a sword. Oh, did I mention? I fence.

I can’t thank my husband enough for allowing me this opportunity, but it will be a rough journey. I hope to have amazing stories to tell when I return. While I’m gone, I won’t have access to electronics, so I can’t approve or respond to comments, but regular posts on this blog will continue as usual. I will return on Monday, May 9.

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